The nearest airport is Guanajuato International Airport (BJX), with domestic flights from Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana, and international flights from Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles, in the United States.

From the Mexico City airport connections are available to Guanajuato airport.  Guanajuato can also be reached by bus on either ETN or Primera Plus.

From the Guanajuato International Airport
From the airport you can get to Guanajuato by taxi. Just down the hall from the arrival area you will find a booth selling tickets for the taxis.  Ask for a ticket to "Guanajuato / La Valenciana" if you are going directly to CIMAT or to our hotel CIMATEL. The taxi ride takes about an hour and costs approximately $ 400.00 MXP.

CIMATEL is located just opposite the Templo La Valenciana church across the square of the same name. CIMAT, which is located approximately 200 meters from the CIMATEL, can be reached by following the road to the Mina (mine) and Mount Cubilete.

From Mexico City’s International Airport
Once outside the arrival area, go to any of the taxi stands that are located in the terminals. Ask for a ticket to the Northern bus terminal, also known as the Terminal Central del Norte.  Make sure you specify this Northern bus terminal, because there are several bus terminals in Mexico City, one for every cardinal point. Once there, follow the instructions to get to CIMAT by bus.

By Bus
You can reach Guanajuato by bus from Mexico City by departing from the Northern Bus Terminal. The "Primera Plus" or "ETN" line are recommended. Departures start at 7:30 AM and continue approximately every 90 minutes until 9:15 PM. The trip takes 5 hrs. and costs between $ 500.00 and $ 650.00MXP.

Once you arrive in Guanajuato, take a taxi to CIMAT or "La Valenciana" right outside the bus terminal. The taxi ride takes approximately 20 minutes and costs equivalent to 4 to 5 US Dlls.